The Last Breath Practice

Peace. Power. Purpose.

Let us show you how to transform stress management into something beautiful: a liberatory practice.

  • PEACE: The Last Breath Practice is your home for more deeply connecting to peace, anytime and anywhere. Overcome overwhelm, channel grief and loss into growth, learn to love anger as creative power, and shift out of fatigue and into fulfillment. If you’re navigating a major life transition or simply wondering, "What's next?" we'll help make your next steps easy.

  • POWER: As a member you have the power to connect with us everyday, anytime and leave with your heart full. Immerse yourself for just ten minutes a day in our digital healing space and allow Dr Khalsa to guide you in transforming stress management into an experience of liberation. Unlearn social conditioning and restore your body and mind’s connection to the natural sovereignty that already lives deep within you. Expand your capacity to come more fully alive and move in alignment with joy. Rise to intentionally meet everyday and every moment as a reclamation of freedom.

  • PURPOSE: This is a deeply authentic healing space that is designed to support you in showing up in this world, everyday, unapologetically whole. When you join our annual membership, Dr Khalsa will personally meet with you 1:1 to listen and learn from what you are currently going through. You will collaborate together to create a customized, restorative plan specifically for you. She will also meet with you every month in our group gatherings to listen and answer your questions (with the utmost discretion, protecting your privacy). For all the moments in between you can nourish your own daily practice through Dr Khalsa’s library of stories, meditations, recommended resources, and podcasts. The ultimate vision for our time together is to see you transform: to more deeply embody peace and joy and create a life and community that aligns to support your joy.

  • YOUR GUIDES: The Last Breath Practice is brought to you by the team at The Last Breath Podcast, specifically Dr. Tej Khalsa MD MSc FRCPC. Dr. Khalsa is a global authority in health promotion education and has taught stress management, resilience, and meditation to thousands (including international dignitaries, members of royal households, and Fortune Top Ten Executives). Dr. Khalsa’s work is distinguished for offering an authentic, evidence-based, interdisciplinary, and intersectional approach. Dip into The Last Breath Practice and connect to a rich lineage of Black Liberation and Indigenous wisdom -drawing from legends like the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Congressman John Lewis, Nobel Laureate, and Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison, and US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo.

  • JUST FOR YOU: If you’re a compassionate, visionary womxn of color or authentic ally who cares deeply about the world and is ready to reimagine and reclaim a more joyful life for yourself and your lineage: welcome home.


    Allow us to teach you the
    three steps to creating peace, anytime, anywhere.

    Tej K Khalsa MD MSc FRCPC

    Tej K Khalsa MD MSc FRCPC

    Host, The Last Breath Podcast. Creator, The Last Breath Practice. Physician Educator. Peace Activist. Mama.

    What We Do

    • At The Last Breath Practice, we teach you how to transform stress management into something beautiful: the freedom to live each day unapologetically connected to your true self, creating a life of joy and purpose that celebrates you and your lineage. 
    • As a member, we offer you the breathing space to go on a wellness retreat with us every day that is deeply supportive and restorative. Transform grief and loss into growth, deepen your practice of self-compassion and compassion for others, and tap into your own joy as an offering of intergenerational healing. You can do all this and more -anytime, anywhere- in the intimacy and privacy of your own space, at your own pace.
    • We teach you how to relieve stress quickly with evidence-based strategies grounded in neuroscience and ancestral wisdom that restore your wholeness and connection with the earth.
    • We bring ease to navigating whatever life is bringing your way: distilling evidence-based, interdisciplinary, and intersectional scholarship into wisdom that makes stress management effective and deeply transformative.
    • We are radically authentic in our approach: everything we teach, we practice.

    Why We Do it

    • We want to see more womxn of color and authentic allies release the layers of social conditioning and patterns of high-effort coping that leave them exhausted and overwhelmed.
    • We rejoice in supporting more people of culture in casting off the constant companions of fatigue and quiet anxiety to embrace their unconditional wholeness and a way of life that energizes them.
    • We are guided by Black and Indigenous liberation scholarship teaching the deep embodiment of unconditional love for ourselves and others as the only meaningful path to healing our planet.
    • We believe we are one human family. A human family where each one of us deserves to shine on our own terms with peace, dignity, and unapologetic joy.

    Siri Chand S. Khalsa

    Producer, The Last Breath Podcast. Creator, The Last Breath Practice. Treasury Analyst, Yogi, Papa

    Siri Chand S. Khalsa

    Who We Are

    • The Last Breath Practice is brought to you by the team behind The Last Breath Podcast, Siri Chand S Khalsa and Dr Tej K Khalsa MD MSc FRCPC.
    • Siri Chand Singh (he/him) is the son of civil rights activists. Born in an ashraam in Long Beach California, he has dedicated his entire life to yoga, meditation, and service. Siri Chand is a devoted father, treasury analyst, and president of Lighthouse Consultants LLC -a Minnesota-based health education company aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3.0 “Good Health and Wellbeing”, 16.0 “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions”, and Dr King’s vision of the Beloved Community. 
    • Dr Tej Khalsa MD MSc FRCPC (she/they) is a global authority in health education, serving as an Educational Consultant to the World Health Organization (through a collaborative agreement with TEPHINET). They are a former Assist. Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester and have served thousands of patients in the area of stress management, resilience, and health promotion. Khalsa has also served as a consultant to Fortune Top Ten Executives and International Dignitaries. The Last Breath Podcast and The Last Breath Practice represents Dr Khalsa’s personal views only, as well as her devotion to people of culture and communities of care.  

    What We Offer

    • We offer executives and community leaders membership to our digital healing space, The Last Breath Practice,  along with an array of services that center your confidentiality, privacy, and discretion.  
    • Monthly Members:  (i) Signature retreat course, “Overcoming Overwhelm: Why Climb When You Can Fly?” a digital, on-demand retreat course with Dr Khalsa. (ii) Monthly Group Q&A with Dr Khalsa. 
    • Annual Members: (i) Access 1:1 executive coaching. (ii) Digital, on-demand retreat course with Dr Khalsa. (iii) Monthly Group Q&A with Dr Khalsa. (iv) Bonus of two months free. Please note  1:1 executive coaching is offered to annual members at an additional fee.
    • Community: Serving our global community is the heart and soul of our work. We produce episodes of The Last Breath Podcast as a free public service. 
    • Community: Season One of The Last Breath Podcast is out now and explores a path out of fatigue and into fulfillment. 

    “You are a light. You are the light. Never let anyone—any person or any force—dampen, dim or diminish your light. Study the path of others to make your way easier and more abundant. Lean toward the whispers of your own heart, discover the universal truth, and follow its dictates…Release the need to hate, to harbor division, and the enticement of revenge. Release all bitterness. Hold only love, only peace in your heart, knowing that the battle of good to overcome evil is already won.”
    Congressman John Lewis, Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America

    "If there is one thing that I have learned in all my years, it is that transformation begins within. If you want to change the world and bring about a more peaceful society, you have to start with yourself. There is a battle that rages within. When you're angry, you're quick to fight, place blame, complain, and criticize. If your inner life is in turmoil, how can you expect to radiate warmth and harmony in the world? How can you expect others to join you in your mission to heal the world?"
    Congressman & Civil Rights Leader John Lewis in Carry On: Reflections for a New Generation

    “Contributing to peace is no longer optional. We all need to do more to deliver on our promise, our north star… Let’s leverage the increasing momentum for change and enhanced collaboration…to live up to our shared responsibility in pursuit of peace and progress for all. ”
    Interpeace, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and the International Organization for Migration

    “The peace I am thinking of is the dance of an open mind when it engages another equally open one.”
    Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Toni Morrison

    "When the marginalized and the disadvantaged rise, we gain the power that belongs to us. And we know that power is real because they are doing everything in their power to stop us from achieving our own. But I know a little something about power. What I've learned is that you don't get the power you ask for, you get the power you take."
    Stacey Abrams, Changemaker, Yale-trained Attorney, Founder of Fair Fight, NOW Account, CEO of Sage Works Productions, Writer, Gubernatorial Candidate for Georgia

    “When I dare to be powerful—to use my strength in the service of my vision—then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."
    Intersectional Feminist, Scholar, Activist, and Poet Audre Lorde in The Transformation of Silence into Language & Action

    “You didn't see me on television, you didn't see news stories about me. The kind of role that I tried to play was to pick up pieces or put together pieces out of which I hoped organization might come. My theory is, strong people don't need strong leaders.”
    Ella Baker, Civil Rights Leader, Coalition Builder, Movement Maker

    “You cannot, you cannot use someone else’s fire. You can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe that you have it.”
    Audre Lorde

    “Everywhere we are talking about peaceful humanity. The peaceful world. This is not from prayer, not from technology, not from money, not from religion, but from mother! This is my fundamental belief. Mother, I consider, our first teacher. [She] teaches compassion. The first day after my birth, immediately I learned, I experienced, mother’s sort of compassion, mother’s affection. That I think is the most important part of building a healthy family. And that means healthy humanity.”
    –Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

    "...I take myself back, fear. You are not my shadow any longer. I won’t hold you in my hands. You can’t live in my eyes, my ears, my voice my belly, or in my heart my heart my heart my heart But come here, fear I am alive and you are so afraid of dying."
    US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo

    "Indigenous people see the physical world as a reflection of a more complex, subtler, and more lasting yet invisible entity called energy. It is as if we are the shadows of a vibrant and endlessly resourceful intelligence dynamically involved in a process of continuous self-creation. Nothing happens here that did not begin in that unseen world. If something in the physical world is experiencing instability, it is because its energetic correspondent has been experiencing instability. The indigenous understanding is that the material and physical problems that a person encounters are important only because they are an energetic message sent to this visible world. Therefore, people go to that unseen energetic place to try to repair whatever damage or disturbances are being done there, knowing that if things are healed there, things will be healed here. Ritual is the principal tool used to approach that unseen world in a way that will rearrange the structure of the physical world and bring about material transformation."
    Dr Malidoma Patrice Somé, Dagara Elder, Scholar, Author of The Healing Wisdom of Africa